Killer Tips to retain the Visitors on your blog

Every site owner does not want visitors to come to their site and not spend time or never return. When a visitor is addicted to your site, he / she will spend more time surfing your site and will definitely return again for more info (this brings about high CTR and more comments). 

If you wants to retain your site visitors, find below the tops things you need to do:

1. Your post title and description 
Nobody wants to read uninteresting posts and your post title & description shows the nature of your post. You may put related posts at the end of each site post or sidebar, but if it doesn’t have an enticing title nobody will click to read it. When writing a site post, spend enough time on the title and description because that’s what visitors see first. Make your post title interesting and try to bring out all the interesting stuff in the post via the description. Hence, Use Provocative Words.

2. Ads organization 
Do not fill up your site with ads, you can just use few ads to make it look neat, simple and friendly. No one will enjoy reading posts on a site filled with ads, it’s very annoying. Try to make all your ads look like part of your site design. Bombarding visitors with ads doesn’t increase your click through rate (C.T.R), it simply turns visitors off and makes the site look like a scam.

3. Your site design 
The design of your site really matters. Avoid using too many flashy colors on your site, but rather use simple colors to make it look neat and simple. Also make navigation on your site easy by using breadcrumbs, placing your categories, search bar and subscription form where visitors can easily see them.

4. Content quality 
Try to be informative and go straight to the point in your site post. Never divert from a certain topic to another in a post. When your post provide visitors with the information they need, they are most likely to share your post and return back to your site in order to acquire more info.

5. Regular posting 
Keep your site updated with fresh and interesting posts. Let your visitors find new topics to explore each time they return to your site. Frequently updated site receive more returning visitors (I simply describe returning visitors as visitors addicted to your site).

*Tips For Regular Site Posting*
– Always ensure to research deep on any topic you’re about to write on.
– Present your visitors with interesting and useful articles. 
– Avoid writing craps in order to post frequently.

6. Use of videos and images 
Mix up your site posts with images. A lot of people easily get bored reading only text posts. You can make your site more interesting by adding images to posts and publishing videos occasionally. Videos and images makes your site look more professional. Also keep in mind that images you include in a post should be relevant to the post topic (just like the image included in this post), and same goes for videos.

7. Freebies 
Who doesn’t love free stuff. Use freebies to encourage your site visitors. You can give them free EBooks, software related to your ites niche (and also important to them). You’ll be surprised with the positive results you will get by just doing this once or even twice a week. This keeps your visitors coming back for more and more freebies.

*Advantages Of Freebies*
– Increase in site traffic
– Increase in comments
– More subscribers
– Returning visitors (visitors addicted to your site)
– Boost in post sharing.

8. Comment 
Almost every site is comment enabled. If yours isn’t then you’ve missed a lot, but you can catch-up by simply enabling comment in your site NOW! The essence of this is to give your visitors a voice in your blog, let them speak their mind, drop their suggestions and encourage you.

In order to make people addicted to your blog, you need to make them feel free and comfortable, you can’t achieve that if you don’t accept comments.

*Tip For Comments*
– Always reply to comments when necessary and thank your commenters. This makes them feel more comfortable on your site. They can comment and ask questions knowing that you will reply.

In conclusion, your main aim of writing is for visitors to read it, share it and comment on it, so you should concentrate on knowing what your visitors want and how to give it to them. I hope the above tips will help you retain your site visitors.

If you have other tips to add to this or if you have any question, kindly patronize our comment box below

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