HTML Quotation and Citation Elements



Here is a quote from WWF’s website:

For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by 1.2 million members in the United States and close to 5 million globally.

HTML <q> for Short Quotations

The HTML <q> element defines a short quotation.
Browsers usually insert quotation marks around the <q> element.


<p>WWF’s goal is to: <q>Build a future where people live in harmony with nature.</q></p>

HTML <blockquote> for Quotations

The HTML <blockquote> element defines a section that is quoted from another source.
Browsers usually indent <blockquote> elements.


<p>Here is a quote from WWF’s website:</p>
<blockquote cite=””>
For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature.
The world’s leading conservation organization,
WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by
1.2 million members in the United States and
close to 5 million globally.


HTML <abbr> for Abbreviations

The HTML <abbr> element defines an abbreviation or an acronym.
Marking abbreviations can give useful information to browsers, translation systems and search-engines.


<p>The <abbr title=”World Health Organization”>WHO</abbr> was founded in 1948.</p>


HTML <address> for Contact Information

The HTML <address> element defines contact information (author/owner) of a document or an article.
The <address> element is usually displayed in italic. Most browsers will add a line break before and after the element.


Written by John Doe.<br>
Visit us at:<br><br>
Box 564, Disneyland<br>


HTML <cite> for Work Title

The HTML <cite> element defines the title of a work.
Browsers usually display <cite> elements in italic.


<p><cite>The Scream</cite> by Edvard Munch. Painted in 1893.</p>

HTML <bdo> for Bi-Directional Override

The HTML <bdo> element defines bi-directional override.
The <bdo> element is used to override the current text direction:


<bdo dir=”rtl”>This text will be written from right to left</bdo>



HTML Quotation and Citation Elements

Tag Description
<abbr>              Defines an abbreviation or acronym
<address>              Defines contact information for the author/owner of a document
<bdo>              Defines the text direction
<blockquote>              Defines a section that is quoted from another source
<cite>              Defines the title of a work
<q>              Defines a short inline quotation


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