How to use your symbian phone as Modem to browser on PC


Do you already know you may turn your Nokia Symbian cellphone right into a wireless hotspot tethering and join it to your computer to browse the internet? With the help of a cellular software referred to as joikuspot, you can browse with your pc using your symbian phone as the Modem like ipads, iphones, Laptops, net-Books and different electronic accessories that has wireless functions enabled. 

Joikuspot is a freeware cell apps that turns your cell tool into a wi-fi hotspot you may use to attach your computer rather than using a community modem. You do not want to shop for a Glo Modem, Airtel Modem and MTN Modem simply because you need to very own all of the networks modems. You do not even want to worry about money to buy a modem for yourself or maybe unlocking your modem to come to be a time-honored to be able to take delivery of all networks. 

With my Nokia E5 and joikuspot mounted, I connect my phone to my laptop and browse without using a network modem. Capabilities of This cell Apps joikuspot is pretty an old utility but it nevertheless works perfectly.
Here are a number of the capabilities of this application.
  •   Supports Nokia S60 phones simplest *.
  •  Its miles a freeware cell application, very simple and impressive *.
  •  The loose model is completely insecure which means it opens up your connection for absolutely everyone to attach. (Use it best when you are on my own interior your room).
How to use joikuspot application on your Nokia phone.
  •  First search for the application on Google, download and set up it. *.
  •  Run the apps in your Nokia S60 Smartphone after putting in it *.
  •  While its miles completely active, prompt your wireless network connection out of your pc or any tool you need to connect. *.
  •  Then click on the network bar below-right facet of your taskbar and then select the relationship. 
  • Wait a few seconds till it’s miles linked. *.
Then you definitely have to release your browser and start browsing. As beneficial as this apps appears to be, it has it very own demerits so i beg you to apply it accurately especially while you are on a restricted information plan. Usually consider to replace off your wi-fi hotspot whilst now not in use to save you unauthorized utilization.
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