How to use Tecno Android Phone as Modem on Computer

Tecno as a manufacturer of Android phone produces a Good Android Phones at a cheap rates which is widely spread all over the country
Its miles an important thing to realize the best ways to utilize your Android phone very well.
As an Android telephone person, you do observe need to shop for modem earlier than you could browse to your pc.

You can use your Tecno Android phone to browse effortlessly to your pc.

As we all know that in case you want to browse on laptop using Nokia telephone, you need to put in NOKIA computer SUITE. However, on the usage of Android Smartphone you do not need any software program earlier to browse with your Smartphone on pc.
In this I will show you the way to browse on laptop the usage of Tecno Android phone as Modem,
I can proportion with you three methods in which you may use your Android telephone to browse on computer (USB connection, Bluetooth and transportable wifi Hotspot)
The USB connection can be use as direct way to percentage internet connection by the usage of cable.
The Bluetooth approach can be use with computer systems that have Bluetooth.
The transportable wireless hotspot may be use with computers that have wireless (wifi Card), you may use this wi-fi Hotspot to connect and share net connection using up to 8 computer systems at a time.
USB Tethering Connection
Step:1 Join your USB cable in your pc (the pc you want to apply to browse), then your Tecno Android phone
Step:2 Now pick Menu to your Smartphone, then click on Settings
Step:3 Select extra, then Scroll down and click on Tethering and transportable Hotspot
Step:4 Pick out USB Tethering, your Android telephone will establish a reference to your computer, the you’re loose to go.
Bluetooth Tethering Connection
Step:1 Turn on your laptop(pc) Bluetooth
Step:2 On your Android Smartphone click Menu and go to Settings and on the Bluetooth
Step:3 Click on start in your laptop and Go to devices and Printers
Step:4 Pick add a device, pick out your Android telephone from the list and click next to pair your phone.
Step:5 Now move lower back your Smartphone, pick Tethering and transportable hotspot
Step:6 Test/Tick/Mark Bluetooth Tethering to percentage your Android internet Connection, you are unfastened to browse.
Tethering wifi Hotspot Tethering Connection.
Step:1 Click on Menu for your telephone and click on Settings.
Step:2 Click on more and Scroll down, then you will see Tethering and portable Hotspot, click on it.
Step:3 Click portable wifi Hotspot/transportable WLAN Hotspot, then scroll all the way down to Configure wireless hotspot,click on on it
Step:4 Now you have to trade the safety from WPA2 PSK to OPEN, then save.
Step:5 Click on the network icon and enable your Android telephone records and you’re carried out.
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