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N70,000+ is no child’s play

Prosper Noah

to me

23 hours agoDetails

Hey, wassup….

Been a while I emailed you… 

After spending a couple of days and making around N70,000 on owodaily, withdrawn twice.. I can say that this platform is damn goood….

No doubt about it…

The earning opportunities is just endless…

How can a platform be this good for God’s sake?

Sometimes, me myself do not even know where some of the earnings come from because it’s like just scattered everywhere lol… 

Here’s what I mean: 

– You earn from completing simple and easy jobs/tasks on the platform…

– you also earn when you introduce it to others, and even earn when those people you introduced also introduce others… 

and as if it’s not enough, you still earn when those people you introduced complete jobs/tasks on the platform…

This is damn craaaaazy..​

The only program I can maybe compare this to is Hiwap back then in 2019… but Owodaily still beats it x10, when it comes to the earning-opportunities…

Answer me, how can a platform be this good?


Anyway, hope you’re doing real good over there. 

If you’re not in yet, I’ll advice you to try this out..

After all, if it’s coming from Prosper, you know it’s suuuuper authentic…haha

Even if you’ve never made a dime from any similar program online before, give this one a try, complete one of the job/task, and you’ll see your earnings live before your eyes…. 

I mean like within 24-48hous, you’ll see your first earning after completing one job/task and it takes just less than 5minutes to complete one… there are lots of them for you to complete and earn… 

Over 40people who joined via my recommendation are already earning.


​​​​In fact I showed you one of them the other day.

Try this stuff out and thank me later…

Read the post I made about it again and let’s see how it goes + I even added something to help you earn even more..

No time to waste.

Here’s the link:

Have a great time and let me know if you need assistance. 

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