How To Create Your First Post On Blogger Blog


Creating a post on blogger blog might be like climbing a mountian to some while to some, the reverse is the case.
So if you find it hard to create a post or find it hard to use the utilities in creating a post in blogger blog, you have to continue reading.

Before you create the post, you must have created a blogger blog. if you’ve not done that, this is how to do it.
Now to make a post in blogger blog, log in to, select the blog you wish to create a new post in, after you’ve done that, look at upper left you’ll find a tab named ”new post”, click on it and make your post. (Title is for the tittle of the post and body is the body of the post).
Now you can add pictures, videos, files, and other things using the utilities in making a new post. just place the cursor over an item and it will tell you what its used for.
For your post to look more professional, you have to make use of  ”break page” utility which enables your post to be shortened and provide a link for ”read more”.
After you have edited everything to your taste, click on ”publish” for your post to be published on your blog.

*N/B: If you do not know anything about coding, do not make use of the ”HTML” utility.


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