How To Add Link To Comment In Blogger


Adding link to Comment in a blog is a means of getting backlink to your blog. When you comment on a post about weight loss and add a link to a post also about weight loss you created, people will like to click on the link to find out more.

So today, I will be dropping the tutorial in two ways.

1. Type your comment then go down to “comment as”. Now choose “Name/URL”. Now two boxes will open. In the first one add your name and in the second one, Add the URL you want people to land. That’s all but its not the ultimate.

2. This second step is the ultimate. You will use normal comment method. But you have to Add some HTML tags (don’t worry, I will teach you how). After typing your comment, add this to it HowWriter. That’s it. Now you will have to change the link ( to any link you want people to land and the text (HowWriter) you also have to change it to any text you want people to see.


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