FAN Ads Now Let You Earn Money From Your Mobile WebSites


Facebook has announced the expansion of the Audience Network to include support for mobile web, bringing the value of native ad formats and people-based marketing to a new set of publishers and enabling 2.5 million Facebook advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices.

What this simply means, is that publishers can now monetize their high-quality content with Facebook ads and advertisers can now expand their campaigns beyond Facebook, mobile apps and into mobile websites.

Prior to the announcement, Facebook Audience Network (FAN) only allowed app developers to monetize their mobile apps by tapping into Facebook’s powerful advertising platform. Now that it has been extended to mobile web, you can now monetize your iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile websites with targeted ads.

With Facebook Audience Network (FAN), you can now get instant access to diverse demand from 2.5M Facebook advertisers. Facebook takes care of showing the right ad to the right person – improving your user experience and maximizing your revenue potential.

Unlike other networks, the Audience Network rewards quality publishers based on the value they create for advertisers.

Facebook Audience Network Ad Types
The Audience Network gives publishers and developers the option to choose between three different ad units: banners, interstitials and native ads.

All three ad units have access to the same great targeting and advertisers, since the ads are automatically rendered to fit the unit you chose. 

For mobile websites publishers, you can choose from high performing native ad units, 300×250 medium rectangle, and 320×50 banners to deliver ads from Audience Network. Each format is a simple JavaScript integration into your mobile website.

It is worthy of note that Facebook interstitials ads are not available for mobile web i.e for apps only. 

You can check out FAN ad examples here

I have joined the audience network for mobile web and now displaying the Facebook banner ad and native test ad on my mobile tech blog – pending final approval. 
Below is the FAN native test ad below a blog post on the mobile view of the blog :
You might not see the test ads until it’s fully approved by Facebook. Only admins of my Facebook mobile website can see them while pending approval. 
Facebook Audience Network Payment
Payments are extracted when you accumulate at least $100 in revenue. You’ll receive payments on the 21st of each month for the previous month’s balance.

Facebook Audience Network Policies
In order to ensure that publishers are offering a high quality advertising experience, Facebook requires that all apps serving Facebook ads are in compliance with the Audience Network policies.
All apps and sites in the network will be reviewed by automated systems as well as manually checked for quality and compliance. Facebook promises on-going quality review to ensure continued adherence to the policies and native ad design guidelines.
How To Get Started
To get started, follow this guide to set up Audience Network in your apps and mobile websites.
Note : 
When adding the banner code to your blog, set testmode=”true” if you want to see Facebook test ads. If you can see test ads, your implementation works correctly and people will be able to see ads in your app once it’s live after approval by Facebook.

You will be notified by email and Facebook alert when your app is approved. Approval might take few business days.


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